Malmo: Favorite pass-time

Posted in photography by mafiahunt on June 1, 2009

It may sound a little morbid,  one of my favorite pass times is visiting old cemeteries. I went for a long walk, through a cemetery in Malmo, that I found by chance. I even followed an old man. Following strangers in another pass time, I enjoy. Yes I am a weirdo.

Here are some pictures:

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Posted in lifestyle, myself by mafiahunt on May 19, 2009

I haven’t used a digital camera in a very long time, forgive me. I am waiting for my film to develop.

image index:

  1. View from my hotel room, Malmo, Sweden.
  2. New “outer space” shirt/dress from Weekday.
  3. View from sun deck, Hotel room, Malmo.
  4. New addiction: cheap 7inchs, couldn’t resist The Revillo’s!
  5. Malmo Konsthall.
  6. A new development, outside of Copenhagen, with very Modern new architecture.
  7. Crazy change room at Weekday, displaying my love of mirrors.
  8. (see above)
  9. A really great junk shop. Malmo.
  10. (see above)
  11. A Classic windmill. Malmo.
  12. New development outside of Copenhagen. This building won a Architecture award.
  13. Fetish shop, Malmo.
  14. An O.K picture of myself. Malmo.
  15. My favorite snack, this rice pudding yogurt stuff. I have never seen this sold in Canada. Must source.
  16. A t-shirt I designed (more info soon)
  17. My favorite new/old coat!
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