R.I.P Ari Up

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I am off to Montreal tomorrow, to visit my dear friend Julie (pictured below) and Jif. I am super excited, I have never been to Montreal and don’t know what to expect. I will then be off to Toronto to visit my Sister and friends. I won’t be blogging for the next two weeks, so updates will be skim. I have also chosen to leave my lap top at home.

PS: Please suggest shops/food/sights/galleries…etc for me to check out in Montreal.

Kayla Guthrie-Ocean song

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Written + Performed by Kayla Guthrie Video by Asher Penn

Demo’s on Kayla Guthrie’s website

R.I.P Kazuo Ohno

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Kazuo Ohno (大野一雄, Ohno Kazuo, October 27, 1906 – June 1, 2010) Rest in peace. I am very upset, I never got the chance to see Ohno perform. I have only seen his talent through video’s and photographs. He was truly a gifted individual and a great inspiration. May his dance live on forever!

R.I.P Louise Bourgeois

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Louise Bourgeois has been a great inspiration to myself and many. Long live Bourgeois!

Jennifer Herrema in Purple Magazine

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Jennifer Herrema in the latest issue of Purple Magazine (yes the one with Lohan on the cover) looking rad while holding a hawk:

R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren

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Blank Generation (1980)

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Blank Generation (1980) directed by Ulli Lommel. Staring Richard Hell with a appearance by Andy Warhol. Ahhhhh! I want to have a young Richard Hell’s punk babies….

Westwood by William English

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Love these photographs of Vivienne Westwood, By William English

images: TFS

Sasha Frolova

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Latest obsession:  Russian Sasha Frolova and her Electro sensation AQUAAEROBIKA!

Check out AQUAAEROBIKA myspace page