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I am sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy with school work. My school work is apparent in the photographs below. Paper is invading every inch of my apartment. This is myself, off to the “yarn shop” to get materials for…yet another… school project…

Ps: My blog needs a face-lift, this wordpress layout feels frumpy. In fact, I don’t even understand wordpress, or how to install it on my host, I need help. Email me:

Item: Norway army surplus undershirt

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I picked up this woven mesh t-shirt at my favorite Military shop in Toronto. I don’t have any information about the garment, the price tag read “NORWAY, UNDERSHIRT, 100% COTTON”. I am not an Army surplus buff, like some of my friends, I wish I could have a whole paragraph about the history of this undershirt. Instead you can enjoy some photo’s of myself, bored at my parents house, wearing my new favorite top:

More detailed photo’s soon.

MONTREAL (part 1)

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Some pictures from my trip to Montreal:


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My friend Josh got me a glass eye as a gift, a few years back. It sat in a small jar as a curiosity on my book shelf, yet I always wanted to wear it on a necklace or a pin. My mother set the eye in a amulet (and put the amulet on a silver chain) while I was away in Montreal. The glass eye has always been one of my favorite objects and now I can have it close to me at all times.


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I am off to Montreal tomorrow, to visit my dear friend Julie (pictured below) and Jif. I am super excited, I have never been to Montreal and don’t know what to expect. I will then be off to Toronto to visit my Sister and friends. I won’t be blogging for the next two weeks, so updates will be skim. I have also chosen to leave my lap top at home.

PS: Please suggest shops/food/sights/galleries…etc for me to check out in Montreal.

Keeping bad spirits out of my home

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Handmade Ghost protector cross.


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pretty much my default outfit, these days. I wear my Crass t-shirt a lot.


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New Sasquatch coat

Posted in fashion & style, myself, objects by mafiahunt on February 21, 2010

I got this vintage fur coat recently at a obscure thrift shop. It was stashed along side some nona style fur jackets. When I say obscure thrift store: A place that is open once a week, for a few hours only, in the grungy basement of a church. I am not sure what animal it is made out of, I think it might be beaver? It reminds me of a Sasquatch and I enjoy wearing it with my Danzig t-shirt. I will be taking off the garish buttons.

More pictures soon!

Customized MA-1 Jacket

Posted in myself, projects by mafiahunt on February 11, 2010

I will have better photo’s of my Jacket, very soon. You could say I am between digital camera’s, at the moment. This one I am wearing I found on someone’s lawn, in a pile of free stuff. It’s quite baggy, so I shortened the sleeves.

I will be selling re-worked MA-1’s on my up & coming Etsy store…stay tuned.