Just received: Olympus XA camera

Posted in latest finds by mafiahunt on March 2, 2009

A gift from my mother, a Olympus XA camera. I am going to test it out this afternoon. I don’t know anything about camera’s, I am lazy, I don’t enjoy overwhelming features. I just ask friends for camera suggestions, therefore this camera was suggested.

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Latest finds:

Posted in latest finds by mafiahunt on February 15, 2009

I went to the Value Village in my home town (I am visiting for spring break) and here’s what I found:

  • “Pastel” Timex: You can’t see in this photo bu the faces says “xoxo” all over it. I always wanted a watch along these lines, as a child, I felt I had to get it. Plus the patent faux croc strap is great.
  • Black Timex watch with giant 12 and 6: I am very excited about this watch, it needs a new strap and not mention a new battery.
  • Black plastic bracelet: This may have been for a child, lucky for me, I have small wrists. Needs a little bit a clean up.
  • Note: some of you may have noticed I have a watch obsession, Casio, Times, Swatch, if its plastic, black or weird looking I am snatching it up. I hope to photograph my watch collection, so you can all see.
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Latest finds:

Posted in latest finds by mafiahunt on February 11, 2009

Just some new goodies I thought I’d share, in the mood of self possession:

– White Doc Marten’s:  I have always wanted a pair in white. They were on sale for $39, and my mom even got a pair.  Sorry, haters, I know they are trendy right now, but I just love the feeling of a boot that has subcultural ties and makes you feel like your walking in a army of power.

-Spartacus Chetwynd, Spartacus Chetwynd. I became obsessed with this book, after doing a project on it for school. Thanks to my uncle, I was able to get my own copy, via gift certificate.  Photo’s of the book insides, will be presented soon.


Posted in latest finds, objects by mafiahunt on January 31, 2009

Some of the latest goodies, I got my hands on:

(Obesity and speed t-shirts)

(1992 collections magazine and 1989 issue of Vogue Hommes… lots of good stuff inside. scans will come later)

(Dad’s Henry Miller collection)

(Dr.Martens monk shoes)

In the mail today

Posted in fashion & style, latest finds by mafiahunt on October 29, 2008

I got this Bless safety pin in the mail today. A long time ago I saw a friend of mine sporting one on a necklace, it stuck in my head. I also have a fixation with safety pins, so this satisfies me very much so.

Latest finds:

Posted in fashion & style, latest finds by mafiahunt on August 22, 2008

Portland Vintage find: Harley davidson vest

I am kinda going through a biker phase right now and this looks damn good with a greay cashmere sweater underneath, jeans and my Dayton Motorcycle boots….

Portland Vintage find: Boy London T-shirt

My sister had one in the late 1980s and after a couple years looking, I found one! I guess we already know my interest with Boy London??

Portland Vintage find: Leather bra

I couldn’t resist! I will wear this under sheer dresses (like my new Helmut Lang) and sheer white t-shirts…. It also looks kinda good over top of t-shirts….but I don’t know.

Ebay winnings: Vintage Helmut Lang dress

I am not really a dress person…..It looks really good on, and its semi sheer, so I have to find a slip for underneath. I really like the fabric its made from…

Latest finds:

Posted in latest finds by mafiahunt on August 9, 2008

1. PVC Birkenstocks:

Sorry haters, call me a hippie. They are so comfortable, I could care less. I couldn’t find the UNDERCOVER one’s in my size, so I opted for these PVC one’s. Very happy feet, they thank me.

2. Underground Interiors:

A book I found at a used book shop. Early 1970s interiors, with Space age, Pop and surrealism. Right up my alley. It also features Zandra Rhodes apartment and Antoni Miralda’s Paris flat. Scans coming soon.

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