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My friend Josh got me a glass eye as a gift, a few years back. It sat in a small jar as a curiosity on my book shelf, yet I always wanted to wear it on a necklace or a pin. My mother set the eye in a amulet (and put the amulet on a silver chain) while I was away in Montreal. The glass eye has always been one of my favorite objects and now I can have it close to me at all times.


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I am off to Montreal tomorrow, to visit my dear friend Julie (pictured below) and Jif. I am super excited, I have never been to Montreal and don’t know what to expect. I will then be off to Toronto to visit my Sister and friends. I won’t be blogging for the next two weeks, so updates will be skim. I have also chosen to leave my lap top at home.

PS: Please suggest shops/food/sights/galleries…etc for me to check out in Montreal.

Rineke Djikstra: soldier

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Alistair Carr A/W 04

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This collection holds importance in my design life, because it gave me that boost into XXL TOP/SKINNY LEGS look that is, well my look. It was Sleazenation(r.i.p) that introduced me to this collection. I remember being so enthralled by the over sized hoods and cardigans.

images via:  contemporary fashion archive


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Exactitudes: I forgot all about this website/project! Read about it here.


Inspiration: 15th century mamluk mail shirt

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15th century Mamluk mail shirt, now in the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo.

image via: Sword Forum

Inspiration: Hollow Hills

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Year: 1975
Serial production model

“For the toy manufacturer Naef Verner Panton designed this system of basic frames which are formed into cubes. These are then combined with clips to form different figures and can be provided with chrome-plated or coloured panels as required.

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Anthony Gormley: workspace

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The studio of Anthony Gormley photographed by Eamonn McCabe for The Guardian, in 2008.