Clarence Schmidt house

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been super busy. More blogging soon!

01 Magazine Group Exhibition Collaborative Poster

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01 Magazine Group Show Limited Poster Edition
Edition of 100 + 1 AP (1st Edition)
11″ x 17″  – Laser colour printed on cardstock

Featured Artists:
Peter Sutherland, New York
David Horvitz, New York
Sam Falls, Brooklyn
Niall Mc Clelland, Toronto
Leo Fitzpatrick, New York
Jason Dill, New York
Bree Apperley, New York
Alexander Binder, Germany
Becky Brisco, Vancouver
Coley Brown, Brooklyn
Maryanne Casasanta, Toronto
Alana Celii, Brooklyn
Jessica Eaton, Montreal
Seth Fluker, London
Nicholas Gottlund, Baltimore
Nicholas Haggard, Brooklyn
Steve Halo, New York
Daniel Jackson, New York
Robert Johnson, New York
Todd Jordan, New York
Ryan Kearney, New York
Andrew Laumann, Baltimore
Jennilee Marigomen, Vancouver
Heather Martin, Vancouver
Bob Myaing, Philadelphia
Jeff Otto O’Brien, Vancouver
Melissa Paget, Vancouver
Nathalee Paolinelli, Vancouver
Les Ramsay, Vancouver
Melinda Santillan, Monteal
Dan Siney, Vancouver
Grant Willing, Brooklyn
Young Kyu Yoo, Brooklyn

$10 CDN

Get one here or purchase at 107 Shaw Gallery, Toronto, ON.

(guess which image is mine!)

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Favorite album cover installment #3

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Charles Manson-Lie: The Love and Terror Cult: If I had an extra $150, I would buy this album. My friend is selling off his record collection and LIE is one of the many things for sale. If your interested in purchasing this, get in contact.

Otmar Alt

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Vince Collins

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Psychedelic animations:

via: Joshua & co

Jubilee (1977)

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Jubilee (1977) directed by Derek Jarman

Angela Brennan

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Ritz Newspaper

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The Voidoid Richard Hell Drawings by Kier Cooke Sandvik

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The Voidoid
Richard Hell

Drawings by Kier Cooke Sandvik

available at 38th street publishers