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Some photo’s from the Zoo in Amsterdam, that I just got developed:

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Daul Kim

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Daul Kim, pre blonde hair. Definitely my favorite models right now, not to add she’s way more interesting than the usual former U.S.S.R waif. Not to mention her personal style is great!

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pre-dinner lust: Army surplus anorak

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currently looking for:

Guy Peellaert

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Guy Pellaert, 1934-2008. One of my favorite illustrators around age 13-14. I used to try and mimic his style. Illustrations like a Russ Meyer film on paper.

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I haven’t used a digital camera in a very long time, forgive me. I am waiting for my film to develop.

image index:

  1. View from my hotel room, Malmo, Sweden.
  2. New “outer space” shirt/dress from Weekday.
  3. View from sun deck, Hotel room, Malmo.
  4. New addiction: cheap 7inchs, couldn’t resist The Revillo’s!
  5. Malmo Konsthall.
  6. A new development, outside of Copenhagen, with very Modern new architecture.
  7. Crazy change room at Weekday, displaying my love of mirrors.
  8. (see above)
  9. A really great junk shop. Malmo.
  10. (see above)
  11. A Classic windmill. Malmo.
  12. New development outside of Copenhagen. This building won a Architecture award.
  13. Fetish shop, Malmo.
  14. An O.K picture of myself. Malmo.
  15. My favorite snack, this rice pudding yogurt stuff. I have never seen this sold in Canada. Must source.
  16. A t-shirt I designed (more info soon)
  17. My favorite new/old coat!
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Rock N’ Roll ‘Collage Drawings’ by Opal Louis Nations

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Former Radio host Opal Louis Nations, drawings from 1980-1981.

More here…

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Toby Ivey

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Timo Vaittinen

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