UPDATE (London)

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I am in London right now. Yesterday I walked through Regent park and tried going to the Zoo, but its like really expensive. Then I walked to Camden town and had a coffee and people watched. I saw lots of Cyber goths, Ravers, Cyber Ravers, Victorian Goths, punks, Cyber Punks, Post human ravers and crazy hair.  I don’t know what today will bring?? I think I will go to the Tate Modern.

I really enjoyed Sweden and didn’t want to leave. What a nice Country!

Pictures soon, I promise.




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Hello!  I am alive! In Malmö, right now. Yesterday I was in Copenhagen. Anyways, I have been too busy / having too much fun, to update or even check e-mail. I will have pictures soon, once I reach my Uncle’s house in Manchester and have access to a computer. Anyways hear from me soon..




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I am leaving to Sweden!! Bye guys!

I leave Tomorrow at 4pm. I Will be the midst of last minute lunch and last minute jobs all before 3pm. I will not have time to update my precious Blog baby. I don’t know what my Internet situation will be like. I am warning you, it may be three weeks of little or no updates!

Thank you for all your tips that you e-mailed me.

I will be checking my E-mail, Via Blackberry, so feel free to contact me on such:



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Disco album covers (mostly Italo-disco/euro-disco)

Disco album covers are always a great sense of inspiration for me. The graphic design, is always so full of pop, I just can’t get enough. I used to collect disco albums, just for their covers, regardless of the quality or musical value. Sadly I got rid of most of them., has a great collection of images, here are my favorites:

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Dusan a/w 07

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via: WWD

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Christiane F.

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Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (1981)

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Self Posession: Hair mask

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I feel weird showing picture of myself on the Internet (the people are asking)…. Stalkers beware: If you cause me any trouble, I’ll cast a Slavic curse on you…

Wearing, what I always wear: A baggy white t-shirt and my favorite leather jacket.

Keith Harring by Warhol

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