Was (Not Was) “Hello dad I’m in Jail”

Posted in media by mafiahunt on November 29, 2008

This brings back memories, but I don’t know what the memories are, now my brain is stuck….

via: hologramcity

Ty i Ja (You and I) Illustrated magazine

Posted in Art & design, illustration by mafiahunt on November 29, 2008

Ty i Ja (You and I) Polish illustrated magazine, 1950-70. Former art director was Roman Cieślewicz. I would very much like to get my hands on some copies.

I found this on pantuniestal blog, which celebrates all things Polish designed.

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MOTHER cardigan wrap

Posted in fashion & style by mafiahunt on November 29, 2008

Mother is a Japanese label that is a little too crafty for my liking. I found the idea of this cardigan/wrap very interesting. I think I may have to D.I.Y version….


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